Caipsnotescanada.com/gcmsnotescanada.com team is comprised of immigration professionals licenced
by the ICCRC; we are well-versed in the latest immigration laws, policies concerning various procedures,
including, but not limited to filing for appropriate case file notes. So, you can have peace of mind once
you appoint regulated professionals to represent you.

  • Personal Information such as applicant’s name, date of birth, country of birth etc.;
  • Immigration officer(s) observatory notes about the file;
  • Progress of file (for under processing applications);
  • Citizenship, related family members, sponsor information, etc.;
  • Electronic correspondence (with a local CIC or UNHCR, for example);
  • General notes about the case (financial, educational and employment status of the applicant);
  • Details of the family that could affect reception or settlement;
  • Services needed such as special trauma counselling;
  • Interview notes;
  • Selection decision; and
  • A well-documented reason for refusal or approval, if applicable.
  • Any correspondence send to/ received from the IRCC regarding the application.

CAIPS file contains vital information about your immigration file; including reasons & grounds of refusal.
Once you have officer’s remarks handy, you can go on and address those issues by attaching relevant
documents/information in your next application. With applications currently in process, CAIPS notes will
reveal internal notes and actual progress of your application.

You can order online by completing an online application and a basic CAIPS/GCMS notes package costs
only INR 799/-.

It takes around 30 days to receive notes. Response times fluctuate depending upon number of
application Immigration Refugees and Citizenship receives during that period but ideally stays between
30 to 35 days. Once received from the department, your file is made accessible in PDF format through
an email notification by Caipsnotescanada. You can also download copy of your file by logging into your
Caipsnotescanada account.

Caipsnotescanada offers real time progress of your notes file application. You can access status page by
logging into your account for tracking of your order.

Copy of application and all supporting documents submitted to the Immigration Refugees & Citizenship
Canada could take anywhere from 45 to 55 days after the request has been forwarded.

We guarantee to submit/transmit your application to the appropriate department within 24 hours of
receiving a complete online request, including the consent form.

Yes. CAIPS/GCMS notes may be ordered without a file number and/or UCI number. You need to provide
additional information in the additional comments box. Please enter your passport number; date of
issue; expiry date and any other relevant information such as type of visa filed, date of filing etc.

In case we are unable to access your file due to any reasons, we will refund 50% of fee paid by a certified
cheque in your name.

Indian Credit & Debit Cards are accepted