How It Works

  1. Applicant orders CAIPS/GCMS notes by filling up an online form and making required payment for selected service.
  2. sends an email containing order reference number, sign-in information (a account is automatically created), payment receipt, and downloadable pre-filled consent form including applicant and consultant information.
  3. Applicant downloads, signs and then uploads signed consent form after signing-in into applicant portal.
  4. processes and electronically forwards the request to concerned department within 24 hours of receiving payment and consent form.
  5. An email confirming submission of CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS notes application is sent to the client with approximate processing time. Client can now login into to monitor progress of his order.
  6. Caips/Foss/Gcms notes are sent to the client by email+made downloadable at the client portal (login required) as soon we receive them by the concerning department.

Please review our User Guide PDF for more information.

Indian Credit & Debit Cards are accepted