What is Caipsnotes Canada

  • Caipsnotescanada.com is an online platform that remotely provides access to personal
    documents and records submitted to/received from the Immigration, Refugees and
    Citizenship Canada and other relevant departments:
  • Status Update of an Under Process File
  • Reasons for Refusal
  • Visa Officer’s Electronic Notes - Remarks on Your File
  • Retrieve Copy of Your Submitted File
  • Retrieve Copy of Your Immigration Status - e.g. Landing Paper, PNC, Refugee Claim
  • Temporary Visa Applications – Study, Visitor, Work
  • Permanent Visa Applications – Economic, Entrepreneur, Family Sponsorship, Refugees
  • Express Entry Profile
  • Medical Record
  • Landing Record
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Travel Document Application
  • Authorization to Return to Canada
  • Pre-Removal Risk Assessment
  • Citizenship
  • Rehablitation
  • Request Records from the IRCC, ESDC, CBSA, RCMP (CPIC), CSIS, CRA, Health Canada and UNHCR.

Caipsnotes Canada file can be requested
for the following application types


Student Visa

Visitor Visa / Temporary Resident Visa

Temporary Worker Visa

Below is an overview of the services we offer;

INR849Plus GST

Basic Priority Package

CAIPS/GCMS/FOSS notes on your immigration file including codes & case file notes entered by concerning Immigration Officer(s) on you application. Applied within 24hrs of your order & delivered to your inbox in PDF within approx. 30 days of ordering. No decoding/interpretation service(s) included.

INR1999Plus GST

Basic Priority Package + File Retrieval

Basic Priority Package plus copy of your file with all the supporting documents & correspondence(s) between you & the IRCC.

INR999Plus GST

Retrieve a Copy of your File

Retrieve a duplicate copy of your entire File, including immigration forms, educational, employment, financial & any additional documents like SOP or Letter of Intent, Business Plan, Referral Letters, along with personal & familial information.

INR2499Plus GST

Premium Package

Basic Priority Package plus legal interpretation of CAIPS/GCMS codes & case file notes by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) – a member of the Govt. of Canada designated regulatory body (ICCRC).

INR3999Plus GST

Platinum Service

Premium Package plus written legal advice by an RCIC. Customized check-list for future application with important changes in the drafting of documents deemed critical. Submission Letter by the Immigration professional to bridge gap between you & the Immigration Officer (signed Immigration Services Agreement required for this service).

INR4999Plus GST

One-hour online consultation with an RCIC through SKYPE

Personalised online consultation through video-conference on one-on- one basis.

INR1499Plus GST

Interpretation Service

If you already have your CAIPS/GCMS/FOSS file and you only require interpretation/decoding.

INR999Plus GST

Other Canadian Department(s) information retrieval:-

Please email your query for other Department(s) notes/files concerning you.


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There are 3 steps involved (all 3 required) in requesting your Caipsnotes Canada;
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Step 3 Consent

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