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A client is presumed to have read, agreed and accepted these terms and conditions before accessing,obtaining or using the information and services on our website. By accessing the Caipsnotescanada.com website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If these terms are not acceptable to you, please do not use our website. Henceforth please understand ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’, ‘our company’ and ‘our consultants’ to mean the employees and the organisation represented by ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ website. Similarly, ‘you, ‘your’, ‘user’, ‘client’ and ‘customer’ will imply the clients and customers of ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’.


All the information and content made available by our website is a copyright of ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’. It is the intellectual property of Caipsnotescanada.com under all circumstances. No part may be produced elsewhere without the permission of ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’, unless otherwise mentioned.


Caipsnotescanada.com’ reserves the right to deny services to any client that is seen to be ineligible for our services, in which case we will inform you before charging for any services.‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ also reserves the right to deny services to clients based on our own assessment. We are not liable to provide reasons for the same. However, the clients shall be informed the same before any payments are initiated.

Once the payment for the services has been made, we undertake to fulfil the services to the best of our abilities.

For the outcome, please refer to the section on guarantees below.


The liability of the information provided by the client rests primarily with him or her. The client must provide all the correct documents and information.

The client will undertake to immediately inform us of any changes in the information that is supplied for any particular service.

If the information supplied has undergone any change since the submission of application/s to the authorities, Caipsnotescanada.com does not take the responsibility for the effect of that change.Our consultants will guide you to the best possible resolution or remedies under those circumstances,specific to your case.

If the Visa or other applications are rejected owing to incomplete, misleading or false information provided by the client, the client will be entirely responsible for the consequences. He or she will not address Caipsnotescanada.com for a refund of the services provided.

In case of a reapplication, ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ will insist on correcting all the previous errors or inconsistencies.


All payments shall be made via ‘PayUmoney’ Payment Gateway. Currently we accept payment in only one Payment Gateway, wherein you can choose your relevant payment option like Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.


  • The services offered on our website will be available to you only after the payment has been received for them.
  • PayUmoney’ is a third party payment service provider. Charges, if any, associated with this service provider shall be borne by the customer. If the payment by ‘PayUmoney’ is reversed at any time, ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ will cease to provide the related services with immediate effect. The client will be responsible to arrive at a resolution to the reversal with the Payment Service Provider, before the services may be resumed.

Once the payment for the services proposed by our company has been received, we begin processing the services. We do not entertain any requests for any refunds.

However, if the request for refund has been made before the commencement of processing of services,we may consider a refund based on the reasons for requesting it and the currently prevailing business transaction circumstances at that time.

In a rare case where we have received payment from a client and after our analysis we realise some transactional difficulties for providing our services, we will inform the client of the process of refund. But this is only a very specific case and it will be dealt with on an individual case basis.


If we suspect that the client is using fraudulent means or documents, we will cease all the services. No
claim for refunds shall be entertained.


Although at ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’, we will take reasonable efforts to achieve success in all the applications and tests, we cannot ensure or guarantee a favourable outcome for any of the services requested. Since the outcome is dependent on a third party, which is the Immigration Authority of the respective countries, ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ has no control over them. We are not liable for the results of the subsequent transactions that we have assisted in making or provided consultations for. The usage of the outputs from ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ are the responsibility of the client. The client should use the business information and services of ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ for only legal, relevant and valid procedures related to Immigration of respective countries. Any misuse or illegal use of the business information and services of ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ is entirely the responsibility of the client.


The information provided by consultants is typically up-to-date. However, if between the consultation and the application some rules and regulations for Immigration Applications or the usage of Caips notes or requirements change, affecting the outcome for the clients, ‘Caipsnotescanada.com’ shall not be held liable for it.


We collect your data only for consultation and for assisting with procedures related to Immigration and associated processes. We are the sole user of this data and we do not transfer your details to any one or share them with a third party for marketing purposes.


If you register with us, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account. You will be in charge of the password to prevent unauthorised access to the details on your account.


For all legal purposes, we abide by the Law of the land and relevant Jurisdictions as per the Indian Law and Canadian Law. By continuing on our website, you agree to abide by the Laws of India and Canada.


The clients shall acknowledge and undertake that the services used will be at their own risk. The services provided by our company shall be solely for the purposes of providing consultation, guidance and assisting in the Immigration procedures and associated processes to the countries as listed in our website, ENTIRELY ON LEGAL GROUNDS. Any illegal requests sought from us will be immediately eligible for cancellation of services from us. Similarly, discovery of any fraudulent documents or information in those supplied by you will make the agreement for services requested by you null and void and with no claims for a refund (please also refer to the section on Refunds).



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